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The political influence on organization decision making towards corporate social responsability: a socio economic approach

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  1. Research design
    1. Objects of research
    2. Acknowledgement
  2. The political field around csr
    1. Introduction
    2. The impact of globalization
    3. Different actors: ngos and governments
    4. The working of the field
  3. The dependency of organizations
    1. Introduction
    2. The impact of globalisation
    3. The influence of ngos and governments
    4. Position of CSR decision making in the political field
  4. Filling in the matrix
    1. Charitable contributions
    2. In house projects
    3. Collaboration
    4. Combining the different perspectives
  5. Conclusions
  6. Discussion
  7. Literature

This research will look at the political influence on organization decision making towards social responsibility. To do so, a combination of social and economic theories will be used. In chapter three, the political field and the political actors in this research will be discussed. Chapter four will describe how organizations can be influenced by the political actors introduced in chapter three. At the background of this relation is the globalization. In chapter three and four will be shown how globalization led to new relations between the different actors and the rise of large international Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). When the different influences of governments and NGOs on organization decision-making are known, there will be examined how organizations deal with this influence. At the end of this paper, in chapter five, an overview will be given of this possible organizational movements. At last, some hypothesis will be posted towards in which situation organizations make movements towards or away from corporate social responsible behavior.

[...] The next paragraph will explain the relation between governments and NGOs and their different influence on organization decision-making THE WORKING OF THE FIELD In this research, governments and NGOs form the political field around CSR Decision making. This paragraph describes the relation between Governances and NGOs NGOs: Clark (1995), Doh and Teegen (2003) NGOs are important partners for governments. Clark (1995) describes different functions of NGOs: encouraging governments ministries, educating the public, attuning official programs, collaboration with official bodies, influencing local, national or international policies and helping governments in their activities. [...]

[...] This research tried to combine the literature in order to develop one view on the political field around CSR. For future research, this study has the next recommendations: Empirical material can falsify the hypothesis posted in chapter five. Theoretical research could look at the link between the political half of the model and the society half of the model 7. LITERATURE Bergkamp, L., Hunton & Williams. (2002). Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility: a new Sustainability Par Paradigm? European Environmental Law Review, may 2002: 136-152 Clark, J . [...]

[...] The influence here may be of more importance for the organization then the influence of NGOs on the level of charitable contributions, because the level of decision- making is one level higher here Collaboration The Collaboration level is the level that affects the organization the most. It is also the most philanthropically level of CSR in the model of Husted. Examples are Bens & Jerry's, who donates money to suppliers in order to develop (together) a better way to produce. [...]

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