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The political influence on organization decision making towards corporate social responsability: a socio economic approach

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  1. Research design
    1. Objects of research
    2. Acknowledgement
  2. The political field around csr
    1. Introduction
    2. The impact of globalization
    3. Different actors: ngos and governments
    4. The working of the field
  3. The dependency of organizations
    1. Introduction
    2. The impact of globalisation
    3. The influence of ngos and governments
    4. Position of csr decision making in the political field

This research paper will look at the political influence on organizational decision making with respect to social responsibility. In order to do so, a combination of social and economic theories will be used. In chapter three, the political field and the political actors studied in this research, will be discussed. Chapter four will describe how organizations may be influenced by the political actors introduced in chapter three, with globalization providing the background for the study. In chapter three and four we will discuss how globalization led to the formation of new relations between the different actors, as well as to the rise of large international Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). When the different influences of governments and NGOs on organization decision-making are known, we will examine how organizations deal with this influence. In chapter five, an overview will be given of possible organizational movements. To conclude, we will present a hypothetical situation in which organizations move towards or away from corporate socially responsible behavior.

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