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The Quality Concept

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  1. Quality explained
    1. Quality is the satisfaction of a need
    2. Quality is the answer to a very day use
    3. Quality is the global answer to a problem
  2. Quality insurance has an internal and an external interest.
  3. Application of Quality principles to enterprises - TQM (Total Quality Management) or TQC (Total Quality Control)
  4. Quality management must be organised
  5. Management system is about establishing a strategy, statements and the mission to accomplish those statements
  6. ISO 9000 includes 4 elements: quality plan, quality awareness, quality insurance and perpetual improvement

The quality concept in an industrial sense was first seen in Japan after WW2. In a ruined country, American economists settled an action plan to rebuild the entire economy system.
Their first task was to define this notion. For Juran, "quality is the aptitude to employ" and For Crosby, "the reliability to specifications".
We can define this notion by three ways which match to different ages of Quality but which are its main basis. We must first underline the period after the WW2, and all the rebuilding needs, in Japan and in the rest of occidental countries. In that time, offer couldn't satisfy the population needs. In this way, products are sold very easily if they manage to roughly fit any targeted need. To satisfy a need with success, one must first define the product and its characteristics. A product linked to any need can't be sold! In the 70's and the well-known petroleum crisis the world had to face to an important plummeted consumption. The offer becoming higher than needs, products involved into something much more complicated with new functions.

[...] The first element is the part of management axed on the definition of quality objectives and the specification of operational processes, resources, needed to reach the Quality objectives. Quality plan means statements and all the characteristics of the mission. Quality awareness is the part of Quality management axed on the satisfaction of wants about Quality. It is the operational part of the Quality Management. It includes the quality items but also measurable items. Quality Insurance is the part of Quality Management in order to give confidence into Quality wants satisfaction. [...]

[...] Industries ,and in particular car manufacturing ones, searching for costs reduction, took for themselves the principles of Quality Insurance. They had on their side a serious strength: they asked to their suppliers to guaranty Quality, in order to cancel their check ups at a product reception. They decreased their costs. In this way we can consider Quality Insurance as an obstacle (what she can be) imposed by consumers with immeasurable wants but not an opportunity to rethink and to improve its organisation (what she must be). [...]

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