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The study on security analysis for selecting the appropriate security through analyzing economy and industry

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  1. Introduction to investment scenario in India
  2. A study of the concept of security analysis
    1. Security analysis
    2. Security evaluation
    3. Different approaches of evaluation
  3. Strategic considerations of economic, industry and company analysis
  4. Growth vs value
  5. Background of the study
  6. Statement of the problem
  7. Scope of the study
  8. Review of literature
  9. Sample design
    1. Definitions of the population
    2. Sample size
    3. Sample technique adopted
  10. Sources of data
  11. An overview of fieldwork undertaken
  12. Operational definitions
    1. Economic analysis
    2. Industry analysis
    3. Company analysis
  13. Overview of the report
  14. Overview of the economy
  15. Profile of industries
  16. Profile of organizations
  17. Tables and interpretations
  18. Suggestions
  19. Conclusion
  20. Bibliography

An investment refers to the commitment of funds at present, in anticipation of some positive rate of return in future. Today the spectrum of investment is indeed wide. An investor is confronted with array of investment avenues. Among all investment, investment in equity is best high proportion. This is because the history of stock market world over is booms and bursts over night millionaires an instant pauper.

The Indian stock market has been no different. Memories of its crash of December 1990 are still there in the minds of many. After record rise in proceeding few years the index fell precipitously and investor loss heavily. This phenomenon repeated every now and then. Though the equity cult is fast spreading among the investor the hard fact is majority of stocks continue to remain volatile to date. All these are pointers to the fact that the investor market is no longer holding an olive branch to investor in equity. Much of the danger associated with it can be avoided and it need not be such nerve raking experience, provided one approaches it as a rational decision making process. In short Security analysis and portfolio management are hard work, requiring discipline and patience, and the work is not always rewarded with exceptional returns.

An investment is a commitment of funds made in expectation of some positive rate of return in future. An investor makes some sacrifice in the present in the hope of desiring benefits in future. The motive behind investment varies from person to person. Some people invest in order to gain a sense of power or prestige. Often the control of corporate enterprises is a driving motive. For most investor however their interest in investment is largely pecuniary to earn a return on their money. But the return on stock market security is subject to risk. Risk incase refers to the uncertainty surrounding actual realization of the rate of return offered by an investment. The time element refers to period of waiting required to reap the return. Accordingly early investment decision has three key aspects.

[...] A study of economic trends as indicated by rate of growth in gross national product, employment, aggregate corporate profits, interest rate, exchange rates, savings and investments, monsoon positions An analysis of the relationship between economic trends and economic policies and the stability of such relationships A study of world economic trends and their impact on Indian economy. Industry Analysis 1. Implications of projected growth in gross national product for various industries Implications of plan priorities and plan expenditure for various industries Vulnerability of an industry for government regulations, and control of prices and production Implications of industrial and fiscal policies of government for an industry Analysis of competitive conditions as reflected in any barriers to entry. [...]

[...] Fig .1-1 Growth rate of Sales of Computer and Software industry Fig .1-2 Growth rate of Dividend of Computer and Software Industry Pharmaceutical Industry The pharmaceutical industry is knowledge driven industry and is heavily dependent on Research and Development for new products and growth. However, basic research (discovering new molecules) is a time consuming and expensive process and is thus, dominated by large global multinationals. Global pharmaceutical market, western markets are the largest and fastest growing due to introduction of newer molecules at high prices. [...]

[...] Fig .8-1 Comparison between Share movements of Sensex, Infosys, Wipro, Satyam and HCL Companies 5.1 CONCLUSIONS Now at the final the following facts emerge from the study security analysis for selecting appropriate security through analyzing economy and industry When come to the economic factors the global economies are getting interrelated, the Indian market will no longer be limited to domestic economic situation. It is from the evident that the NASDAQ and Nifty are getting correlated from the year 1996-97 onwards. [...]

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