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Will Debt Relief Address the Needs of Highly Indebted Countries?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Undercutting local markets
  3. The conclusion to Greenhill's argument
  4. Analyzing both debates
  5. Conclusion
  6. Works cited

A question that has plagued economists, social scientists and political scientists for the last several years is solution to the staggering debt in underdeveloped countries. Depending on their background they will argue the need for greater institutions, the removal of corrupt governments, or even just time for development to occur. The question faced by Denise Froning and Romilly Greenhill was ?Will Debt Relief Address the Needs of Highly Indebted Countries?? Both of these essayists from different backgrounds approached the question with a solution in mind, both answers are varying but both are to be respected in their own sense.

[...] Only then will debt relief really help.?Froning presents a very good case to why debt relief does not just work by itself and gives more of a glimpse into what needs to be done to eliminate poverty and see the results that are most desired. After analyzing both debates there is clear line that both scholars see differently on how to approach the problem. Who is right? Greenhill and Froning both prove good points in steps towards eliminating world poverty. [...]

[...] Greenhill shows that debt relief is needed and is not impossible, if countries like those in the G7 continue to ignore these problems they will only grow and people will continue to die from issues that could be resolved. Denise Froning takes a different approach to the solution to the problems faced by the HIPCs. She believes that the highlight for debt relief from the IMF and World Bank has only taken temporarily spotlight in the global eye because corruption is no longer on the world stage. [...]

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