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A discussion and analysis of the financial crisis

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  1. Introduction
  2. Strategic management practices
  3. Methodology and data
  4. Strategic positioning of QNB (Qatar National Bank)
  5. Quality of leadership and personnel
  6. The strength of network
  7. Reputation and goodwill of the bank
  8. Evaluation of the impact of major factors
  9. Conclusion
  10. Bibliography

September 2008 was the month when financial news became front page news. In September of 2008, American financial centers were hit with a series of bankruptcies and closings that seemed to take most experts by surprise. However, anyone paying attention to the financial world could see that these emergencies were part of a pattern of economic collapse that included the subprime crisis, the collapse of the real estate bubble and the runaway fuel crisis.In 2007, subprime mortgage loans lost investment firms trillions of dollars. The term ?subprime? was popularized during this time to describe the practice of giving loans to people with a history of bad credit decisions, bankruptcy and limited borrowing experiences. Amazingly enough, a great number of the borrowers defaulted on their loans leaving the banks with significant losses that couldn't be made up through foreclosure.

[...] What's more interesting is the fact that the other financial experts mock him as a Cassandra and even outright laugh at him. His first statement is that we are in a recession and now is the time to save up and wait. By the end of the segment he doesn't seem to have much to say except to be the gloomy counterpoint to the other ?experts? who all give investment tips like Morgan Stanley because it can only go On September Freddie Mac and Fannie May, two major companies that provide funds to mortgage lending banks, were placed under conservatorship of Federal Housing Finance Agency in what was called "one of the most sweeping government interventions in private financial markets in decades"[4] On September the government created an $85 billion credit facility to enable AIG to meet collateral and cash obligations. [...]

[...] America is in a retirement crisis already as every year more members of the baby boomer generation qualify for Social Security. One of the plans advanced to stem off the massive debt from paying Social Security is to allow many to live off their retirement or voluntarily give up their benefits. Of course, that's a fantasy based on the idea that people will refuse money, but it's less fantastic should these people have savings upon which to draw. Of course, Social Security recipients also have the option as to when they will get benefits. [...]

[...] The liquidity crisis is being caused by a crisis of confidence in which people are frightened to borrow and frightened to lend.?[6] Because the US markets have dropped, Russia suffers as US imports from Russia decrease dramatically. Russian corporate growth fell drastically off. Aleksey Ulyukayev, Russia's first deputy chairman of the Central Bank, suggested extracting a ?small amount? from the National Wellbeing Fund relatively new sovereign wealth fund started in February to buoy the pension system) and investing the money by investing in local markets. [...]

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