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An overview of the World Bank

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  1. Introduction
  2. A bank for development
    1. A polycentric organization serving the fight against poverty
  3. The spearhead of the fight against poverty in the world
    1. Recent revisions of the doctrine of the World Bank
    2. The World Bank policy against poverty
  4. The World Bank: An institution in search of a new breath
    1. A loss of influence of the World Bank
    2. Decision mechanisms obsolete
    3. The effectiveness and usefulness of the champion of development aid challenged
  5. Adapting to the changing world required
    1. An aggiornamento decision mechanism
    2. A strategy to reinvent the poorest
    3. A key concern for the environment
  6. Conclusion

In April 2007, a scandal broke out around the president of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz. He had granted a salary increase of nearly 50% in 2005 to his girlfriend, Shaha Ali Riza. This salary hike was double the amount allowed under the employee guidelines. Beyond the depravity of the character, the Wolfowitz affair is in fact indicative of the confidence crisis currently affecting the World Bank.

Founded in 1944, the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development, commonly known as the World Bank, was supposed to rebuild countries destroyed by war.

France was its first client in 1946. From there, it has gradually evolved into a body that funds development aid in the poorest countries. Today this institution has the primary objective of reducing poverty in a world where almost one billion people earn less than a dollar a day.

[...] It meets at least once a year and may delegate its powers (other than those mentioned above) to the 24 directors who are responsible for daily operations and the policies of the Bank billion worth of loans are granted on an average each year to the poor and developing countries at a preferential rate with repayment periods between 15 and 20 years. IDA, founded in 1960, is dedicated to the poorest countries. Its activity aims to reduce poverty by providing grants and interest-free loans to fund programs to reduce inequalities and improve people's living conditions. [...]

[...] President to choose the president of the World Bank and IMF. This process of appointing the President of the World Bank is debatable. b. The effectiveness and usefulness of the champion of development aid challenged The effectiveness of the World Bank's policy against poverty has also been questioned. These detractors criticized the bank's preferred technique of earnings and assimilating profits at the expense of development of Member States. The countries are becoming poorer as the bank only lends them money rather than giving it to them. [...]

[...] The World Bank, an institution in search of a new breath A loss of influence of the World Bank The World Bank has been the subject of criticism lately. The red tape has been denounced on several occasions. It is also considered to be autocratic and centralized. But some of its weaknesses require attention. Most of these criticisms are in the book by Eric Toussaint (World Bank, the coup standing, 2006). The author accuses the bank of being an instrument of subordination of the indebted countries to the interests of most industrialized powers. [...]

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