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Brazil, the challenge to the development

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Since the independence of Portugal in 1822, Brazil has developed into a country of staggering dimensions. In addition to its 8,511,965 km2 (fifth largest) and its 182 million inhabitants (sixth largest), it has considerable natural resources-timber, gold, rubber, minerals etc, and is increasingly regarded as a great industrial nation, especially since the period known as the "economic miracle" between 1968 and 1974, when Brazil truly put its resources behind growth.

The term "developing countries" is relevant to Brazil; the latter appearing as a state with enormous economic potential, but also as a fragile one, especially because of social and spatial disparities in the world.

To what extent can Brazil be described as a "great power of tomorrow"? While Brazil has advantages of size, it suffers from serious problems that may hinder its ability to become a major world power.

Brazilian territory covers two thirds of South America. It consists of five regions: North, North East, Central West, the southern and the south. Traditionally these regions operate independently of each other and are specialized in different sectors. Their respective centers are separated by voids, so that it often evokes a Brazilian archipelago.

Controlling distance is a crucial issue for the state, which has opened many roads in the Amazon for a better territorial integration. A new capital, Brasilia, was built in 1960 to decentralize the administrative and political functions of Sao Paulo.

Since the 1960's, the Brazilian state has been trying to unify its territory. The country has built piping systems for gas and electricity, developed communication networks and travel by air (there are now 65 airports in the country, including 30 international).

Tags: State of Brazil, Brazil as a developing economy, current economy of Brazil

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