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Brazil – The crisis and forecasts

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  1. France and Brazil
  2. The strengths and weaknesses of the Brazilian economy
  3. Challenges and restructuring
  4. Consolidating macroeconomic adjustment
  5. Boosting innovation in the business sector
  6. Forecast
  7. Macroeconomic

The two main issues which have dominated the EU and Brazil were "a new world governance" to collaborate between rich and poor countries and the rejection of protectionism. The summit meeting convened to develop an effective and strategic plan was attended by Mr. Sarkozy, the Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva and the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso. They adopted the plan agreed upon in Lisbon in order to devote political and economic importance to Brazil. The French president's objective was to have a greater power over economic and political management of the world.

[...] The number of women is somewhat lower and the participation of the youth is trending down. This is mainly because of the spread of higher education. This evolution in Brazil may be welcomed. Informal activity is widespread, especially among people with low educational levels, because the labor market is paying more and more importance to educational qualifications. The main challenge is to strengthen the use of labor in the formal sector. In this context, the accumulation of human capital on the job and off-shift work should be promoted, and the disadvantages that reduce the opportunity cost should be mitigated. [...]

[...] They proposed that Brazil could take on the role of surveillance of IMF and other financial institutions. France, was lobbying for a permanent seat for Brazil on the Security Council of the United Nations, was able to garner the support of only Germany and the United Kingdom. Italy and Spain refused to support the allocation of a seat to Brazil. The strengths and weaknesses of the Brazilian economy The Brazilian economy was much protected in the past and was not easy to access. [...]

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