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Business appropriateness in the Mexican food market

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  1. Latin America today and Mexico's role in it
    1. Presentation of Latin America
    2. Current political and economic situation
    3. Choice of Mexico
  2. Approach to the Mexican market
    1. The Mexican market
    2. The food industry
  3. Entering the Mexican food industry
    1. The group Danone Mexico
    2. Project location on the Mexican food industry

The 12 presidential elections that took place in Latin America have attracted considerable media attention this year. Indeed, in addition to informational interest, a considerable change is looming on the American continent and a new socialist trend creates a major part of Latin America. Outside the political context, it looks like North America, Europe and Asia are anticipating economic expansion in the region.

Central to these ?two worlds', Mexico is a genuine hub of the continent from its dependence between a-vis the US and possible new partnerships with Latin American neighbors.

By positioning itself as a company with the desire to export to Latin America, doubts come to mind. Are there really business opportunities in this area? In this perspective, to what country is it attractive to export?And finally, what areas do you consider to relocate to?

By choosing Mexico as the object of our study, we investigate its role in Latin America. The power of this set after Brazil, the analysis of promising sectors shows us real opportunities for foreign investors. Moreover, the willingness of the government to attract foreign capital and the proliferation of free trade agreements, gives Mexico an extra advantage on the international stage.

However, the Mexican state is facing problems related to population growth especially in the capital Mexico City. Similarly, the prevailing insecurity and lack of infrastructure are obstacles that the government will have to resolve for Mexico's economic development to proceed.

In focusing on growth of markets, we focus on the food industry. This relatively untapped by domestic enterprises requires substantial renovations. Like many industries in Mexico, it remains heavily dependent on North American exports.The evolution of the Mexican demand and lack of access to quality products lead us to believe that the market has real Mexican food outlets.

In order to optimize our approach to the Mexican market, we study the success of a foreign company in the agri-food sector. Thus we see that the success of Danone Mexico was based on the combination between the implementation of a strategy focused on profitability and responsible management where the company takes into consideration the culture of its employees.

This dual objective has inspired us to develop the implementation of a proposed export of diet products in the Mexican market.
This analysis allows us finally to conclude that companies must now adapt to a new form of management both profitable and responsible. Tomorrow's managers trained by schools of business as Ipag will be able to design this project for a double globalization beneficial to all.

On March 8, 2007, Mr. George Walker Bush began his tour of several Latin American regions. This new attempt to fence in the US government to revive the partnership agreements with its continental neighbors, we can identify the beginnings of an economic boom in the region.

However, diplomatic relations in America were far from being a priority for Mr. Bush during his second taking office in January 20, 2005. Indeed, following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the Republican government is focused on the fight against terrorism.

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[...] On the other hand, the Mexican population is conducive to the consumption of exotic foods from fast food in North America, the Japanese sushi kitchen to the French and Italian foods ) Economic and Political Situation Mexico is a federal republic with a parliamentary democracy divided into 30 states. The election of new President Felipe Calderon (conservative right) who took office in December 2006, has aroused strong protest movements of the left opposition across the country .There are three main political parties: the PAN (Partido de Acción Nacional), the PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional) and PRD (Partido de la Revolucion Democratica). [...]

[...] The stakes in this market is important firstly because of the size of the Mexican population and secondly, because this country has yet to emerge fully to exploite food resources.As a result, Mexico attracts foreign capital, particularly investments in Asia.Thus, we observe that the formation of economic blocks continues with a proliferation of international agreements.In other words, even a country as large as Mexico can not fight alone in a globalized world, even with the separatist stronghold that Cuba has finally concurred with other Latin American countries to form a specific exchange area (ALBA). [...]

[...] Moreover, the Mexican food market in 2008 will receive a disappearance of most trade barriers for commodities 2. This liberalization of trade barriers leads to heated protests from the farmers' and questions some of the precepts of the Free Trade Agreement of North America. About the market itself, the government is undertaking measures to boost the international competitiveness of the sector. Indeed, the sector employs 25% of the workforce, only a little over of national GDP. In other words, Mexico's largest producer of beef and grain is not self- sufficient. [...]

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