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California: A world area?

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The exact definition of globalization is complex, but one can choose to formulate it as a phenomenon of increasing interdependence, and inclusion, and the homogenization of the world by itself; a phenomenon caused and accelerated by the technological revolution in telecommunications.

It cannot sever a social phenomenon from the logic of power, and there are many factors behind the hegemony of globalization. Thus globalization is not measured only in terms of wealth but by its ability to reach all populations channeled and mobilized in this new style of relationship. It has the capacity to integrate.

California may seem like a global region, because it has a concentration of all the elements of globalization on its soil. It also has an influence on the world, notably thanks to its cultural influence.

However it is not just a prosperous and powerful region. California is a "concentrate" of globalization, in the sense that it integrates and distributes world-space values. Is it more of a U.S. region dependent phenomenon, and complementary to the power of the United States?

The integration of California, a world-space by the radiation of a
successful model in the world makes it comparable to a global region.

The role of Silicon Valley, around San Francisco Bay, in the development of new information technology and communication makes California the birthplace of globalization as a phenomenon of interdependence, homogenization and inclusion of the world by the technological revolution in telecommunications.

Indeed, from the 1970s, the region of Silicon Valley specializes in the research and development of high technology, particularly in the areas of information technology (construction of computers, software design and systems) and semiconductors.

The area then attracts young engineering graduates from around the world not least because it houses the headquarters of most large companies like Intel, Hewlett Packard, Sun etc.

This expansion allows then to be rightly regarded as the major player in the development of the global computer network with Internet, thus contributing to a revolutionary method to shorten distances and increase the immediacy of worldwide communications.

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