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Canada as a global leader to lessen the gap between wealthy and poor nations

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  1. Introduction
  2. Terrorism as the chief culprit
  3. The impact of globalization
  4. Attacks by nation
  5. Terrorist attacks
  6. Canada's donation of international humanitarian and monetary aid
  7. The expansion of the markets
  8. Conclusion
  9. References

In 2006 there were malnourished people living in eighty countries around the globe. During this same period, as the world experiences its greatest wealth ever in history, 40 000 people, daily, die from hunger. With such a staggering disparity the world can no longer question if inequality exists, it must now answer the question of how it can be solved if the world, collectively, hopes to progress globally. At hand is the question of how nations choose to interact. Not only is the modern world slapped with a poverty and hunger epidemic which can wipe out millions, it also faces serious and very real threats of man-made violence.

[...] In a world where there are at least seven nations who harbor the ability to bring the world to nuclear destruction, it is imperative that nation states work as a partnership with one another to create open dialogue, the world over. If nations refuse to trust one another and refuse to aid one another the worlds population will live with a constant fear of attack. Until each person is given an equal opportunity to economically succeed, the worlds' population will live with a constant fear of attack. [...]

[...] Countries with a sound economy and relative wealth are in a greater position to cooperate in a global context. Those nations which remain unable to serve themselves serve no viable benefit to the global community and, thus, their general poverty excludes them from international discussion, weakening them even further. As the gap between rich and poor nations widens so, too, does their political disconnect.[4] Through trade, through a global economy, friendly relations will stem. Nations must work, collectively, to improve the lives of those living in the very worst of conditions. [...]

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