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China and India: Two new world economic powers

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  1. Introduction
  2. Nestlé, pillar of infant nutrition
  3. Birth of the Nestle Infant Nutrition range
  4. Enlargement towards an older audience and to other cultures
  5. Conclusion

China and India are two very different countries, India has a Democratic government with a good academic system, India also has had a hard time to trigger off industrialization to create employment. One of India's main problems is poverty.

China became a major exporter of manufactured goods but has an authoritarian regime and prefers mass education. They represent about 40% of world population, which means that nearly one in every two consumers in from China. The demographic shift is not simply economic but also a process of catching up with their(China and India's) northern counterparts in about 20 years with a degree of openness.

Tags - economic development, China, India

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