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China’s economical and ethical rise in the African continent

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  1. Executive summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Facts
    1. For the Chinese, Africa is the future
    2. The Western are worried
  4. Criteria and decision making
  5. Critical thinking: Ethical challenges
    1. Can we talk about neo-colonialism?
    2. How big is the Climate change concern?
    3. How to conflate different cultures?
    4. Can we evaluate the quantity and quality of performing ethical actions?
  6. Conclusion

The paper is based on the theme of an article that emphasizes on China's role in Africa. We first learn about the contents of the article and then state the status quo of the collaboration between the country and the continent. After description, we will go through a critical thinking section that will make us think deeper about the situation. Indeed, we will take into account many parameters and consider the environment implicated and concerned about the partnership. The objective of the paper is to think about the ethical grounds that could be infringed and see how we could close the ethical gaps between the intentions, the actions and the results of the Sino-African partnership.

The article presents a book that describes China's activity in the African continent, its economical and ethical rise in Africa. The Sino-African partnership is well established and already very profitable for both the continent and the Asian country. Africa is given modern infrastructures and labor force in exchange to its natural resources. The book presents pros and cons, healthy partnerships but also flaws of its business relations.

After two years of observation in 12 different African countries, the two Francophile authors wrote a realistic status quo of what is going on so far in the western world. They are also warning about the key advantage China has. Indeed, China and Africa don't have the same objectives in the partnership. The Asian country is denounced to use Africa in order to move towards a greater scale; their ambition is not necessarily to stick with the Africans.

?It is indeed difficult to prevent some new situations and new problems from emerging in the course in which Sino-African cooperation is developing at high speed. However, when compared to the general interests of the Sino-African cooperation, these issues are merely problems during the progress and development. They can be completely solved through friendly consultation and deepened cooperation? (Hu Jintao, President of the People's Republic of China ).

China has a huge human resource that is demanding for work and power. Chinese are ambitious people who don't sit idly in their homes. One person out of five in the world is Chinese so they need much more resources than the ones they have in their territory.

China is interested in the raw materials that are present in the continent: mainly oil but also copper, timber, natural gas, zinc cobalt, iron, etc. Reciprocally, Africa also finds China appealing for a variety of reasons. A bilateral relation with China ?provides an alternative to development and political economic reforms espoused by ?the West? , the experience in economic development can be exported, and China's growing demand for natural resources make it complementary to African demand (D. Thompson, 2005).

For the Chinese, Africa is the future
China's economical reforms make it easier for entrepreneurs and opportunists to invest in foreign markets. Consequently in 2008, Sub-Saharan Africa accounted for more than 1 million Chinese people.

[...] Are interpretations of the value of the actions conducted in the Third World continent by the Chinese, similar for Chinese and Africans? Do Africans really care about all this stuff and material aspects that Chinese crave for? Are Westerners not empathetic enough to understand the way Chinese are helping? Can we evaluate the quantity and quality of performing ethical actions? There are international organizations that are present on the ?Chinafrica? site, but they are not allowed to control the business China coducts in Africa. [...]

[...] Financial systems: China lends 10 billion dollars to reinforce the financial system, invest in small African companies, and they annul all the debts Africa owes to China Commercial trade: 60% of the African products are not subjected to tax when imported to China. Agricultural transfer of knowledge and creation of 20 agricultural centers to demonstrate new technological ways for agriculture was also done. Health: 3000 African doctors and nurses. Human Resources: Construction of 50 Sino-African schools and training of 20,000 African teachers. [...]

[...] CRITICAL THINKING: Ethical Challenges Is China's presence in Africa motivated by the resources from which it can benefit from or is China motivated by helping the African community? And do Africans willingly supply China with abundant resources as a fair exchange for the help they perceive as being offered by the Chinese? In other words, is China driven by helping its country, individual focused, or is it driven by helping Africa, community focused? In the following paragraphs we will point out discussable moral issues arising from China's move. [...]

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