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Cognac in China

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  1. Introduction
  2. Its development over the years
  3. It economic policy
  4. Conclusion

Today, the consumption of cognac in China is booming. Between 2006 and 2007, this market had increased by 74.2% in China and is now the 4th largest market in terms of global consumption. However, it remains a product which is synonymous with luxury, and therefore is priced at a premium rate.

In China, cognac symbolizes love, health and prosperity. It has a product status of being a celebratory drink. It is also synonymous with power in the business world. Cognac is consumed everywhere, including in restaurants, bars, nightclubs or even socially and in family events such as weddings or the Chinese New Year.

The 4 main brands of Cognac in China are the French brands Hennessy, Remy Martin, Martell and Courvoisier Camus. In this document we will study the marketing strategy of Camus, Remy Martin and Martell.

To maintain its status as a global brand, Camus chose not to use Chinese characters on the packaging. However, to facilitate the readability of a foreign brand, Camus chose to add a logo which the Chinese call "golden flower." The packaging is red and gold because these colors are the symbol of good fortune.

[...] On this occasion, a couple of slogans were created, which were: "Do not drink and drive," "do not drink if you are underage." In addition, an educational booklet was published in newspapers and automotive magazines. The site was created, and the related advertising was distributed as posters. Since 2007, the company has also been telecasting commercials on national TV. Thus, we can say that Cognac is a great success in China. This is partly due to the potential that opens with the [...]

[...] Martell has created advertising campaigns keeping in mind the fact that it is a global brand of luxury, and creative expertise. It has also adapted its communication specifically for each product in its range. The new product "Martell Cordon has become known through the theme of art. Luxurious displays and advertising campaigns were introduced in the largest airports in China. Since 2005, the brand strategy is to climb up-market. Thus, it has reworked the image of "Martell XO" so there does have a link between the traditional tastes and the lifestyles of today. [...]

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