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Determinants of the growth of the United States, 2009

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  1. Introduction
  2. The similarities in the organizations
    1. Affirmation of the self and focus on communication and credibility
    2. Using similar tools
    3. The intrinsic and original differences
  3. Monetary strategies: similarities and differences
    1. ECB: the fight against inflation
    2. Fed: Growth and inflation
    3. Flexibility and a more pragmatic Fed
  4. Current crisis: common objectives erasing entrenched differences?
    1. Unprecedented rate cuts for ECB
    2. Fed adopts 'unconventional measures'
    3. Persistence of the 'Atlantic Wall'

Since the end of the Second World War, the United States has been experiencing significant growth which is perpetuated from year to year.

In order to better understand the extent of the economic strength of the United States,it seems appropriate to analyze the factors behind its economy. It present economy is considered to be one of the most efficient economies in the world.

How have the determinants of economic growth in the US promoted its economic position on the international scale?

U.S. economy is boosted by a loose credit policy:

a) household consumption hypertrophied

Household consumption in the U.S. is an important element of its economy, it is also a qualified mass consumption accounting for nearly 70% of GDP.

Tags - US economy, growth, determinants, household consumption

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