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Dysfunctions of the job market in Wallonia

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The labor market in Belgium and particularly in the region of Wallonia, which is in a situation that now seems completely blocked. With unemployment rates the highest in the OECD employment rates and persistent failure to integrate young people, immigrants, low-skilled workers has further worsened the situation. Belgium has one of the lowest figures amongst the countries of the European Union, with a total unemployment rate of 7.5% above the average of 7.1%.

The increase in structural unemployment of Belgium took place in stages: the oil shocks of 1973 and 1979, the 1993 recession, the economic downturn of 2001-2003, precipitated each time more workers into unemployment, but also to the inability to find work.Paradoxically, the high unemployment found especially in the Wallonia nd Brussels coexists with severe shortages of labor.

Several causes can be associated with poor functioning of the labor market in Belgium. First, the labor force is growing faster than employment, partly due to the entry of women into the labor market.

The Belgian population recorded a growth rate of 0.3% between 1961 and1994, while the Belgian population of working age rose by 0.5% per year over the same period. It is expected that the workforce is expected to decline by 0.2% per year between 2011 and 2020, and 0.3% per year between 2021 and 2030.

The labor market in the Wallonia region is characterized by many weaknesses inherent in its operation. The main handicap of Wallonia is its very high unemployment rates that can reach over 20% in some cities.

Wallonia is so paralyzed by mass unemployment over the past thirty years. Several strategies have been established to fight against this phenomenon, particularly with the development of systems for early retirement in order to remove the elderly from the labor market to include young people more easily.

Tags: Belgium- high rate of unemployment; Wallonia district; dysfunctions in the employment sector

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