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Economy of Pakistan

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Pakistan is a country located in Asia bordering India, Iran, Afghanistan and China. Today, Pakistan is a Federal Islamic Republic, its capital is Islamabad, and its population in 2005 stood at 161.1 million.

Pakistan gained independence in 1947 following the demise of the British colonial empire in India. Since then, the country has witnessed numerous clashes, more or less bloody, such as Indo-Pakistan war, civil wars, or the question of the independence of Bangladesh. Since independence, Pakistan has never managed to establish a stable democratic regime.

Since the attacks of September 11th, 2001 Pakistan has received a lot of U.S. aid to fight against terrorism, though previously they were accused of supporting the Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

The share of services in its economy is 33% that of the industry is 17%, while that of agriculture is 50%. This data is explained by the political will of various governments to reach a stage of self sufficiency.

Thus it is important to differentiate between Pakistan as a country open to the world and a country that tries to fight its own problems.

Pakistan's main exports are cotton, rice and leather. The country also exports important oil and its derivatives, machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, iron and steel. Asia is its largest trading partner, ahead of the EU and the U.S.

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