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Employment Policy and conflicts of interests in Belgium

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  1. Basic conditions
  2. Market structure
    1. Market
    2. The strategies
    3. Government Policy
  3. Behavior
  4. Performance and policy
  5. Conclusion

Flanders has the need for measures to encourage the hiring of older workers and discourage them from retiring prematurely. On their part, Wallonia and Brussels are most in need of measures to promote young people's entry in this market. Trying to meet the diverse needs of these regional markets with a federal employment policy could result in yet another conflict of interests.

At the time of writing this document, the Federal Minister for Employment, Joelle Milquet (CDH), was developing a new plan for employment. His chief of staff, Peter Vansintjan, explained the main lines before tabling it in parliament.

Thus, firms hiring low-skilled unemployed youth for work in shortage could benefit from further reductions in charges. In reality, it is an extension of the Rosetta plan implemented by the previous owner of the portfolio of Employment, Laurette Onkelinx (PS). But opposition MP, Hans Bonte, following the issue closely in the Social Affairs Committee of the House, argued that the new bill also intends to terminate the measures to reduce payroll taxes for workers aged 50 and older.

This project, in an earlier version had already been put on the frontage after the Flemish parliament had triggered a process of conflict of interests.

But now it has reappeared. "The Flemish Parliament can not help but apply the same tactic," said Hans Bonte: "It's the same logic. And I have indications that this actually happens like that. If the government in the House tables his bill aimed at streamlining the hiring plans, the Flemish Parliament will ascend to the plate in a few days and will be off again in a procedure for conflict of interest."

In 2008, during negotiations of the central agreement, a radical simplification of the various hiring plans was proposed. The social partners agreed on measures to remove certain target groups such as "bonus youth" and the reductions for the first employment agreements and the commitment of the long-term unemployed.

In the context of this case, the issue of abolition planned reductions in charges for workers aged 50 and older will be addressed.

Tags: employment policy in Belgium, conflicts of interest in Belgium, Flemish Parliament

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