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Establishment of foreign companies in Colombia

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Colombia is the fifth largest economy in Latin America, behind Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela, with a GDP of $ 199 billion in 2009.
After two years of growth above 6%, the rate fell to 2.5% in 2008. The global crisis has had a particularly negative impact on the country resulting in a decrease in capital flows to the country, the international credit crunch, falling prices of raw material exports, rising trade deficit and the devaluation of the currency local versus the U.S. dollar. The government responded by taking measures to safeguard public finances, mainly by imposing restrictions on the opening of bank credit and maintaining the stability of macroeconomic indicators. Unemployment rose to 11.3% while it was 10% in 2007.

The purchasing power of Colombians has decreased, the rising cost of living is hovering around 7.5%. In 2005, 42% of Colombians live below the national poverty line, more than 24% of the population lived on less than $ 2 per day, and nearly a fifth of the population lived on less than a dollar a day. (UN, UNDP), the capital, Bogota, is the main economic and financial center of the country with a GDP accounting for 61% of Colombian GDP in 2004.

Increasingly, foreign companies investing in Colombia are finding profitable economic outlook and market potential. This is to see what these companies, in which sectors they invest and what are the modalities of implementation.

FDI flows in Colombia have been particularly successful since 2005 and have showed the highest level in 2008 with 10.583 million dollars. Given the global economic crisis, a significant decrease of 19.5% in September 2008 with 8.003 million and $6.446 million dollars in the period from January to September 2009 was observed.

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