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Grid systems in the Indian sub-continent

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The Indian sub-continent is surrounded by a set of very unbalanced traffic lanes between the states. Whether by sea, air or land, they have allowed the Indian sub-continent to forge relationships and exchange, both within the system and with the outside world.

Transport infrastructure would explain the good economic performance of India, and its growth rate of 8% per annum.

Does the weakness of some states like Bhutan or Bangladesh suggest an absence or deficiency of their infrastructure? Can we speak of a transmission system in the Indian world? Do transports networks unify the Indian world, or do they strengthen the regional and national differences?

The transportation system allows intense flows of goods and people in the Indian world. However its performance is hampered by significant weaknesses. But transport policies aim to form a coherent network to meet the demands of globalization.

The development of the transport network across big cities has especially helped to connect the downtown to the outskirts, providing relief for workers who do the daily commute. The rail network is complemented by modern subwaylines, such as the one in Calcutta, which was opened in 2002. There are also buses and local transport such as rickshaws. But the urban landscape is mainly characterized by the saturation of space and communication channels.

Tags: grid systems in the Indian sub-continent, traffic in the Indian sub-continent, Indian infrastructure and its contribution to the country's economic performance

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