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International economics: The World Trade Organization

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Marketing objectives and strategy.
    1. Situation analysis of Lexus Brand.
    2. Objectives.
    3. Lexus LS 460's target market.
    4. Proposition to the target audience.
  3. Communications plan.
    1. Choice of the media and reasons.
    2. Estimated results and response management.
    3. Summation.
    4. Fulfillment and response management.
    5. Communication schedule explication.
    6. Testing.
    7. Content of the database.
    8. Information.
    9. Data protection.
    10. Which dealership?
    11. Picture of the prospect.
  4. Creative approach.
    1. How to communicate features and benefits of the LS460.
    2. product.
    3. Creative positioning.
    4. Study of the creative approach.
    5. Full description.
  5. Budgeting and measurement.
    1. Total budget.
    2. Measurement of success.
  6. References.

Pascal Lamy, General Director of the WTO recently said that ?negotiations towards a conclusion to the Doha Trade Round are 70% complete?. Indeed, the WTO trade talks have not been efficient over the last few years. Lowering agricultural and industrial tariffs, reducing subsidies in farming, dealing with services, opening markets and elaborating a more favorable treatment for developing countries are the main issues that still remain on the tables of negotiations (?Food Navigator, Europe?, online). The WTO multilateral trading system is obviously facing major difficulties in regulating international trade in a fast-changing world economy. First of all, we will present the WTO (role, different principles underlying the system, benefits?). Then, we will determine what the different economic costs of unsuccessful trade negotiations are. Finally we will see if there are any economic benefits to be gained from such a situation.

[...] We can wonder how the WTO will adapt its system to the current fast-growing world economy Reference list The International Business Environment, Diversity and the global economy. U.S.A.: Palgrave MacMillan. Nigel Grimwade (2000) International trade, new patterns of trade, production and investment. 2nd ed. U.K.: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. N. McCulloch, L. Alan Winters, X. Cirera (2001) Trade Liberalization and Poverty: A Handbook. U.K.: DFID. Novethic (2006), Echec de l'OMC: Quel avenir pour les pays les plus pauvres? [online]. [...]

[...] Evaluation of the different economic costs of this failure According to the ?Guardian Unlimited? website, the WTO world trade talks, especially in Geneva in 2006 (Doha Round of negotiations), was a real failure. Indeed, the United States and the European Union were accused of not doing enough to reduce farms subsidies. France actually accused the intransigence of the United States to be responsible of this failure. The U.S. trade negotiators answered to that by saying that the E.U., India and Japan were intransigent too. [...]

[...] ?Oxfam International? (online article), also mentions that the richest countries have failed in rebalancing international trade rules and in making trade fairer. The consequences of that would represent a huge cost for the world's poorest nation and even for the future of the WTO or any other multilateral institution. Measures to definitely put an end to the U.S. and E.U. dumping of agricultural goods are really important In addition, the richest nations want to move forward by focusing on new negotiations like investment rules for multinational companies. [...]

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