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Stakes of sustainable development in Africa

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The issue of sustainable development now occupies a significant place in debates, seminars, workshops and conferences to emerge as an essential, if not vital concept for nations. Beyond simple speech on the issue, the North in its great majority is constantly striving to incorporate into its development strategies and economic well-being the social dimensions of sustainable development.

While this is true for rich countries, we cannot take the risk to say the same for Africa. In fact, you only need to follow the news, or look around, to get to the obvious conclusion that Africa has not yet endorsed the concept. The growing poverty in most African countries, poor governance due to corruption, deforestation of areas formerly pristine and wild, water and air pollution, and areas destroyed by industrial and human activities, the rise of slums, are all facts that attest to this.

If sustainable development is both desired and is discussed by developed nations, at the heart of the strategies of regional and local government, we can safely say that it is a solution or a panacea to overcome the difficulties encountered by them.

What then, are the issues for Africa? Why is sustainable development necessary for African countries? How has the continent become the cradle of humanity in terms of economic, social and environmental investments? What strategies for sustainable development are not figments of the imagination, but a reality for all Africans?

Tags: sustainable development in Africa, growing poverty in African countries

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