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The industrialization of Mexico since the second world war

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In the aftermath of the Second World War, Mexico has emerged as a part of the Third World, the underdeveloped countries or the industrialized countries. Yet in 1994, it was admitted to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, that is to say, that it became a part of the club of rich and developed countries, which are industrial and industrialized.

It is therefore legitimate to focus on the industrialization of Mexico in the latter part of twentieth century. The industrialization process allows the passage of a traditional economy based on agriculture, with low growth, to a modern economy based on strong and irreversible industrial growth.

It is interesting to pose the following problem: to what extent has Mexican industrialization led to its development?

First, the industrialization of Mexico in the twentieth century is real and is manifested by the development of local resources and the development of various industries that meet a political will.

The Mexican state sets as priority the country's industrialization by adopting a pragmatic model of industrialization by import substitution. The state intervenes heavily in a self-reliant economy. Protectionism educator, through high tariffs and import licensing, it helps protect the Mexican market from foreign competition and thus develop light industries.

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