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The rise of China and India: What are the implications for Africa?

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The relationship between Africa and the two Asian countries China and India presents some key figures that determine the development of trade. It is good to know that China is ahead of France and behind the United States in terms of trading partners, being in the second place in international trade. Trade between China and Africa showed figures as high as $106.8 billion in 2008. The total oil imports of China form the third of Africa by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IEA) and Beijing is the number one trade partner for Egypt and South Africa. India too does not want to be left behind, and is developing its partnership with Africa ($25 billion in 2007). The objectives is to put forward the desire to broaden the commercial influence of India regarding this bilateral trade, and reach new sources of supply due to its vast needs of oil, and currently it imports 70% of its oil. Beyond the wants and needs of China and India, it would be good to see the challenges for Africa regarding this policy development.
Thus, our analysis of this situation will focus on various trade issues and economic, political and socio-demographic aspects that will lead us to a conclusion showing the direct limits of this partnership between Africa and two large Asian states in international trade.

China and India are two key countries of the time in the development of international trade. Each of these two countries has its own peculiarity and its specializations. There is no real competition between them, but rather complementarity in terms of trade flows. However, it is necessary to differentiate each of them when it comes to what they can bring to Africa. So this report will deal with the relationship of China and India with Africa separately.

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