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Could fair trade be part of the global market and how?

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  1. Literature Review
    1. Consumer behaviour towards fair trade
    2. Distribution channels behaviours
  2. Methodology of the study
    1. Quantitative vs. Qualitative methods
    2. Methods and data analysis used
  3. Fieldwork and Data Collection
    1. Survey
    2. Interview

Could fair trade be a part of the global market? An explanation is given about the meaning of this new concept of international trade, its organization and the role of each actor. Then the review of the literature focuses and analyze the two important stakeholders, the consumers and the distribution channel involved in fair trade. To compare the findings of the literature review and find the issues of fair trade, a survey was conducted to have a better comprehension of the perception and behavior of the classical and the fair trade consumers. The findings concerning fair trade's future are quite positive irrespective of the problems it has to face. Interviews of professionals have brought important reflections and solutions on the issues of fair trade. Economic "globalization? is a historical process, the result of human innovation and technological progress. It refers to the increasing integration of economies around the world, particularly through trade and financial flows. (IMF, 2000). Over the last years, globalization has witnessed an increased trend and its main aim was to assure an overall economic growth. still living under poverty level.

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