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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and e-Commerce

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  1. Introduction
  2. E-commerce: A growing market
    1. Internet
    2. The e-commerce market
    3. The players in e-commerce
  3. Marketing: An indispensable function
    1. Background and definition
    2. Different specialties and specific marketing
    3. A marketing (r) evolution
  4. CRM: The Heart of (e) Marketing
    1. Background and definition
    2. Applications for the CRM in business
    3. The CRM e-commerce
  5. Conclusion

The twenty first century has seen a lot of changes in the business world. New business models have been developed, networks have increased, and certain concepts have evolved and become indispensable. Before the arrival of supermarkets, people used to shop at their neighborhood grocery store. But today these friendly places have ceased to exist. The main reason behind this is the low price on products at supermarkets. These supermarkets have abysmal customer service despite the low prices that they offer. The customer of today not only wants value for money, but also wants to be acknowledged and respected.

This has given rise to a new concept: CRM or Customer Relationship Management. In today's computerized world, the dialogue between the buyer and the seller is slowly becoming non-existent. The introduction of the Internet and e-commerce has brought about a new dimension in marketing. This will have to be analyzed to see if it is possible for CRM to exist in the context of e-commerce, and whether it can be considered a full-fledged marketing strategy.

E-commerce is the exchange of goods or services through electronic networks like the Internet. Today, this is a booming market. Hence, in this document, there will be a mention about the internet, its birth, its uses and users. Then, after exploring its origins, it will show that e-commerce is a separate market by itself. The document will also describe the sectors and the products available in this market. Then it will discuss the various problems encountered, the progress made with respect to customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is related to various factors, which also includes the security of payments. The document will then talk about the players in the e-commerce sector. It will also differentiate the B2C and B2B sectors. The concept of marketing has become important not only for online companies, but also for offline as well. The origins of marketing will also be studied: its birth in the United States, its arrival in France, and its evolution within companies.

Marketing in the general sense will be defined and an explaination on the marketing process will be also given. Then the different categories and the types of marketing will also be explained. Later the Internet marketing will be discussed, and it will show how the effects of certain types of marketing are impressive. Subsequently, it will arrive at customer relationship management, a concept that is being increasingly used in business.

This concept is at the heart of marketing. The topic of the origin of this concept and its evolution in the marketing world will be addressed. Then the the opportunities it brings to the company will be shown. The conclusion will show that CRM is important for e-commerce. This concept can also be an asset, when used as a marketing strategy.

The Internet was designed to link computer networks of various kinds between them and intercontinental ranges. The term Internet, of American origin (International Networks), was formalized in early 1983.It was already used to designate some networks such as ARPANET. In French, it is common to confuse the terms Internet and web. Internet refers to the connection of networks of computers together (connected by the sum of copper, glass fibers or even wireless connections), while the web is a collection of interconnected documents, linked by hyperlinks and URL (Uniform Resource Locator). The Web (or World Wide Web also) is accessible through the Internet.

Tags: CRM (customer relation management); e-Commerce; Internet; concept and evolution of marketing; marketing strategy

[...] One-to-one marketing One-to-one marketing, or invidualized marketing, is a means of communication and sales permitting an approach that is personalized, specific and differentiated to each client, taking into account his/her peculiarities.This personalization of advertising, marketing, allows the establishment of a customer relationship management (discussed later), but it is only possible by collecting and processing as much as information possible about the customers or prospects. Note that in many cases of the turnover of a business comes from only 20% of its customers, this finding may encourage companies to turn to one-to-one marketing. [...]

[...] The CRM e-commerce Since the advent of the Internet and e-commerce, and the change in perspective of companies from production to customer, the latter is more difficult to satisfy and very demanding since he can now compare the overall supply and a simple click is sufficient move from one site to another, from one offer to another, from one brand to another.Thus, the customer relationship management will become critical to success in electronic commerce: the front office to back office throughout the organization must be customer oriented. [...]

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