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Free trade agreement in the wine sector

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  1. The new free trade agreements
    1. Past economic situation in Australia
    2. Overview of the new FTA
    3. Consequences of the new FTA
  2. Implications of the new FTA in the Pacific relationships
    1. Overview of the FTA between Australia and China
    2. Positive and negative impacts of the FTA
    3. Difficulties of negotiations in FTA
  3. Australian wine: a booming sector
    1. Situation analysis of the Australian wine
    2. Current problem of the wine industry
    3. Case study: Jacobs Creek
    4. Case study: Foster
  4. Business relationship between Australia and China
    1. Historical overview
    2. Australian wine in Chinese market
    3. FTA impacts on Australian wine industry

Nowadays, Australia is dealing with some new free trade agreements, such as the Australian-Chinese free trade agreements. We will be looking on how can it benefit to Australia and can change the economic situation of the country. To support this theory, we choose to focus our analysis on a booming success of Australia: the wine industry. In an overview of the Australian economy, we will be heading towards a deeper study of the wine sector and strive to define its foundations. Parallel to this, we tried to dissect the principles and objectives of the Free Trade Agreements. We analyzed the Australian wine industry by taking the example of Foster Group winery and Jacob's Creek. As the free trade agreements concern both China and Australia, we also studied their bilateral relationship, and tried to define the Chinese behavior changes according to the wine sector. For which one of these countries are the free trade agreements more profitable, and are there already criticisms about it?

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