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The rise to power of China: Stability or threat?

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The established power of China is undeniable: the weight of the Chinese economy has tripled in twenty years. It has begun a program of modernization of military capabilities which increases its defense budget even faster than its GDP.

For now, China is the fourth largest economy with a growth rate of 8% of GDP in 2006. It seems indisputable that the role of China will increase significantly in the international arena. At the same time, China is an emerging country marked by a crisis in education and health in rural areas, the massive destruction of the environment, with a considerable increase in CO2 emissions, significant deforestation, the expropriation of land which raises many local movements, and more generally accelerated erosion of social cohesion.

China's foreign policy seems to be the difference between emerging markets and high power. Is its potential and socio-economic structure going to enable China to emerge into a great power? Is it finally a threat to global powers, or rather a guarantee of stability for the region?

Is China a new power? A confirmation of economic capacity shows the establishment of a ?socialist market economy?. Since 1979, this establishment has allowed the country to find its place among the major economies of the world (SEZ silent privatization, price liberalization etc.)

Based on an abundant and cheap workforce, enabling China to attract foreign capital (first destination), and focusing mainly on the export of industrial production (53% of GDP), China has achieved more than satisfactory results in recent years.

Tags: China's rise to power, Chinese economy, China's foreign policy

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