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The Sustainable Development Policy within the European Union

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  1. Defining sustainable development.
    1. The concept of sustainable development.
    2. Contestable nature of the concept.
    3. Historical overview: the eu and sustainable development.
  2. Key issues towards implementing the concept.
    1. Understanding the global crisis.
    2. A political, institutional and social process.
    3. Especially at the EU level.
    4. Assessing and overcoming obstacles to sustainability.
  3. Strategy for sustainable development within the EU.
    1. Steps towards integration of the concept within the EU.
    2. Implementation into sectoral policy.
    3. Roles and responsibilities at different levels.
    4. Taking enlargement and global dimension into account.
  4. Assessing and strengthening achievements since 1992.
    1. Estimating progress at the global scale.
    2. And at the EU level.
    3. Recommendations for strengthening EU strategy.

In this dissertation, we are going to focus especially on political aspects of the given concept, especially within the EU. The ways and means by which this theory can be turned into a reality is one of the themes of this dissertation. It also evaluates the ambiguities inherent in the concept and its contestable nature. In parallel with the implementation of the concept of sustainable development to the political level, the concept has also been subject to immense scholarly interest. Environmental economists have, for instance, extensively attempted to define sustainability. This analysis, at least in theory, would enable policy planners and analysts to actually determine if a given policy or initiative is supportive of sustainable development or not.

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