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Do public companies still have a place and a role to play in the present situation in France?

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  1. The public tends to disappear with market liberalization
    1. The waves of repetitive privatizations affect the public sector
    2. The European Union, reflection of the current context
  2. The interest, cause of survival for the public service
    1. On behalf of the public interest, public enterprises ensure universal service
    2. The interest of the state to nationalize

The European Commission proposed on October 18th, 2006 to fully liberalize the postal market by 2010. This reform aims at increasing competitiveness and competition between the European postal services. The French Parliament adopted a bill divesting the State of finances and control of the GDF company to allow it to merge with a private company. These two phenomena had the effect of relaunching the debate on privatization of companies in the public service on behalf of trade liberalization, competitiveness and competition. This liberalization is accompanied by what is called globalization and is defined by a set of measures to facilitate the development of international trade by minimizing the obstacles. Globalization is a phenomenon that implies the emergence or strengthening of players, markets, regulations on a global scale. From the above information, we can ask ourselves if there is still a place and a role to play for public companies. To answer that question we will see that: (I) the public tends to disappear with market liberalization, then we will highlight that (II) it maintains an important place in our society as it guarantees mutual interest.

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