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The United Kingdom Energy Policy

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  1. The choice of privatization
    1. Description
    2. A quite successful policy
  2. New challenges
    1. Protection of the environment
    2. Security of supply
    3. Dangers of free-market for British companies
  3. Possible reforms
    1. New nuclear power plants
    2. A more voluntarist policy

The United Kingdom energy policy is quite interesting to analyze. Indeed, its model is in crisis. As most of the European countries, the United Kingdom faces many challenges. Talking about the United Kingdom is also an opportunity to wonder whether the privatization of markets on which the State traditionally has a monopoly over is a good thing or not, and to think about possible reforms to improve the current situation. This presentation will mainly focus on electricity generation. In the first part I'll talk about the privatization of the energy sector in the 1980s, then in the second part I'll analyze the influence of the new challenges, and to finish with, I'll show one of the possible solutions to improve the situation.

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