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Air Liquide - Corporate Finance Project

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  1. Air liquide - highlights
  2. Consolidated accounts balance sheet
    1. Current assets
    2. Long term assets
    3. Current liabilities
    4. Long term liabilities
    5. Stockholders equity
  3. Consolidated Income Statement 2005-2007
  4. Cash flow statement
  5. Financial statement analysis
    1. Liquidity
    2. Asset management
    3. Debt management
    4. Profitability and market valuation
  6. Business strategy

The Air Liquide Group, was incorporated as early as 1902, and is to-day the worldwide leader for gas products servicing industries, and medicine. Operating in 72 countries with more than 40 000 people it has achieved sales of 11801 Million in 2007, with a net income of 1123 Million. The breakdown of sales pictured clearly the international development of the company, though we will see later that Europe remains the main profit contributor. This outstanding performance results from a sound four- fold long term strategy: - External growth with the acquisition of Messer Griesheim gas activities in Germany, UK and USA in 2004; acquisition of Lurgi (engineering) in 2007 and various "niche" acquisitions in 2007 (medical sector and Asia) - Geographical expansion with the consolidation of Japanese operations (Air Liquide and BOC) in 2003 - Extension of the product portfolio (Hydrogen, medical sector) over the last 5 years as well as steady R&D activities. - Search for excellence within the organization with special attention paid to the sustainable development in the business. It has to be noticed that the Company has been selected by Storebrand (Norvegian investment fund) amongst the top companies for environmentally sustainable behavior, and in the Ethibel Sustainability Index.

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