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Attijariwafa Bank, Europe

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The Organizational Context
-Network: Attijariwafa Bank is the largest banking and financial group of the Maghreb and is the third in Africa. This group was created in 2003 following the merger of two Moroccan banks are Wafa bank and Commercial Bank of Morocco (BCM).

Attijariwafa Bank accounts yo:
- More than 1396 branches in Morocco
- Nearly 57 agencies in Europe including 24 in France
- Over 11,000 employees
- More than 4.2 million customers

In the second half of 2009, the Group Attijariwafa bank acquired four subsidiaries of the Credit Agricole SA (France): (Ivorian Company of Bank Credit in Senegal, Gabonese Union Bank and Credit du Congo).
Paris-based bank Attijari Europe is a subsidiary of French bank that has the legal and social status to deploy its activities in all countries of the European Union. Villemomble agency is one of the outlets of the group of agencies Paris Ile de France 8agencies), the group is part of the integrated network Attijariwafa Bank Europe, which has 57 branches including 24 in France.

- Size of the Business Unit Villemomble: The sales team consists of four employees. The center window is composed of two account managers and consultants is the pole, it comprised of all members of the business unit as there are people engaged in all-purpose tasks can be performed within the bank. The sales team consists of a branch manager and a deputy head.

-Organization of the Agency (Number and Status): the team consists of four employees:
- 1 Head of the Agency
- 1 Deputy Head
- 2 Councilor Customer
-Geographical context of the business unit

-Physical location:
The agency is located on Avenue of Villemomble Raincy, in front of a Moroccan Consulate, so it's a strategic location for the agency. The avenue is one of Raincy busy shopping street, where there is a very large number of banks across the avenue, they are therefore potential competitors for the activity of Attijariwafa Bank, since 2008, since the latter is spent in the bank for opening accounts in Euros for its customers.
The clientele of the agency is mostly of Moroccan origin or in connection with Morocco (investors, traders engaged in import-export) and their average age is between 30 and 50. As for the origin of customers, they come mainly from the entire department of Seine Saint-Denis, the Department of adjacent cities.

About the activity there is a Moroccan direct competitor right next to the agency that is the People's Bank of Morocco and other competitors are the other Moroccan banks located in France and have an office in Paris as the BMCE, BMCI.
One can also consider the Post Bank as an indirect competitor because it suggests ways to transfer money to Morocco. Regarding the French business, competitors are much more numerous. In fact there are nearly seven competing banks within a radius of 200 m around the agency

Tags: Credit Agricole, People's Bank of Morocco, Seine Saint-Denis, Villemomble agency

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