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Audit of McDonald's

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  1. McDonald's corporation
    1. History
    2. Worldwide competitors
    3. Swot analysis
  2. McDonald's in France
    1. The financial situation
    2. French competitor
    3. Importance of the products
    4. Products
    5. Human resources
    6. Franchise contract
    7. McDonald's operating model
    8. The new strategy of McDonald's
  3. Mystery audit at McDonald's St Just (Lyon 5ième)
    1. The check sheet
    2. Comments about the audit
    3. Financial statement
    4. Ishikawa diagram for McDonald's St Just

We choose to audit McDonalds because this company represents the success of quick service restaurants' economic model. At present, McDonalds has more than 35 000 restaurants through 120 countries and is the leader on the quick service market. Moreover, it has changed since the 2002 crisis and has been setting up new values like improving its quality of products and services. We have found certain interesting aspects to audit in a company which succeeds in setting up an operating model in all its restaurants and thereby increases its revenue annually by 5% or more. We first discuss McDonalds' Corporation which is the main part of the company and later explain the management of the company at France in different levels. Finally, we study about a McDonald's restaurant in Lyon as part of the audit.

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