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Citigroup undergoes corporate re-branding to become Citi

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  1. The current brand situation
    1. History
    2. Current brand situation
    3. Mental map
    4. SWOT analysis
  2. Importance of brand management in value creation
    1. Brand positioning, visual identity and target market
    2. The Customer Based Brand Equity model for Citi
  3. Role of the communication mix in brand management
    1. Publicity and communication
    2. The creative work plan
    3. Media communication
  4. Media planning
    1. The advertising budget
    2. Key media plan
    3. Types of media plans
    4. Flowchart of a media plan
    5. Total costs
    6. Evaluating the media plan
    7. Budget
  5. Brand Value Chain
    1. Marketing Program Investment
    2. Program quality
    3. Customer mindset
    4. Marketplace conditions
    5. Market performance
    6. Investor sentiment
    7. Shareholder Value
  6. How increase it

Citigroup is one of the most diversified financial services company in the world. This company operates in the following regions: North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The head office is in New York City.

Citigroup was formed on October, 8, 1998 after the fusion between Citicorp and Travelers Group in order to create the world's largest financial services organization. The history of the company is divided into the workings of several firms that over time merged into Citicorp a multinational banking corporation operating in more than 100 countries, or Travelers Group, whose businesses covered credit services, consumer finance, brokerage, and insurance.

The history of Citigroup is constituted by numerous mergers between different companies and the group becomes little by little the world leader of financial services.

[...] Today, Citi is a great group with companies in continuous growing ; which allows a greater contribution to the capital budget for advertising. The group Citi operates as a unit and as a unit it works. That is why a good image for Citi, is undoubtedly a good image for all its businesses. Arbitrary For any extraordinary circumstances that may arise before, during and after the campaign starts, a 20% additional of the budget will be provided from the final budget. [...]

[...] Citigroup brands: Citi is organized into four major segments: Consumer banking (Consumer finance, retail, commercial business) Global cards (Master card, Visa ) Institutional Clients Group (global transactions services, alternative investment ) Global Wealth Management(ultra high Net Worth, high Net Worth, Emerging Affluent) The company is in trouble because of the financial crisis, the government helps it financially and takes a stand in the capital of the company but it is much weakened. They gave a lot of risked loans thus it pays this error today. [...]

[...] Media communication Billboards: It was in this environment that Citibank needed to get the attention of the mass audience, to raise the profile of the Citi brand to explain the product and service offerings, and to do it in a way that is different from traditional banking communications. In addition, they needed the employees from all areas of the company to rally behind the new Citi brand with excitement. Objective: The primary objective of the campaign was to create an identity for the new Citi brand that would clearly position all its products and services against competition. [...]

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