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A contrary discussion on the topic “With the West Flat, Big Beer Brewers Peddle Cheap Beer in Africa”

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  1. Introduction
  2. With the West Flat, Big Beer Brewers Peddle Cheap Beer in Africa
  3. Liquor
  4. Analysis
  5. Conclusion

This is an argument disagreeing with the case study, With the West Flat, Big Brewers Peddle Cheap Beer in Africa. Africa is a young continent with many countries being in the developing category. Therefore, there is a competition of many foreign countries trying to penetrate their goods into Africa as their destined market. Not all goods are fit for the Africans since they violate their cultures and norms. In this text, we will try and view the recent changes in the consumption of alcohol, how the movies have been lately and the future of the existing African market in relation to alcohol. The argument supports the idea that the retailing of cheap liquor is for the best interest of many Africans and their governments.

The text also shows how foreign governments and interested investors have tried to encroach the African market and have received great competition from the cheap liquor distillers. They now feel offended that such a situation can occur. They have thus taken up a new strategy to blame the distillers who have their roots in Africa on the many deaths that occur. They forget that many other factors can cause death and illnesses.

SABMiller and Diageo PLC, which are renowned distilling companies of quality beer in the African market, have been tarnished in the prior argument that they are a major cause of disruption of peace and also have caused health hazards in many African countries. The first question one should ask him/herself is, why would a government favor such companies and allow cheap liquor that would harm the citizens to be retailed? African governments have had a remarkable transition through the years, and cases of corruption have gradually subsided thus, giving rise to transparency. Therefore, before allowing the entry of any harmful commodity in their markets, they have to look at the effects in all perspectives.

[...] It contradicts with the laws of business. Minimizing costs while maximizing profits. Lastly, production of quality products at a very affordable fee. We should keep in mind that many Africans had their local ways of brewing. Does it mean they ran out of raw materials, or it is more expensive? The answer is no, most of them used some certain plants that would produce alcohol when stored for a certain period. However, they gave up this culture in order to follow the laws and rules modified over time. [...]

[...] I personally do not think alcohol has any positive effect but, in the west, day in, day out there are cases of divorce caused by many factors. What if we took Africa for instance, marriage is held to be divine. Therefore, cheap liquor as stated from the African Beer case study is not to compromise the consumer but to give them the best product for their money. The example provided is very biased. Ambrosio the farmer in Mozambique initially took six bottles but after a change in quality and price, he could afford to purchase 12 bottles. [...]

[...] In the report, the argument is that the two distillers are encroaching the African markets with a target market of those earning below $ 3 a day. Have a look at the photo below: A man in a red jersey looks healthy and well composed. In any co- corporation, the main aim is to create a profit margin and to reach a breakeven point. Would any entrepreneur especially the two big giants invest in a commodity that would tarnish their image through their products? [...]

[...] It is incorrect to make conclusions at this juncture but, are they trying to use their fetal power to penetrate their products into Africa which they claim is a high target point? Or are they trying to control the African governments like they have done in the past? Their motives are more likely than not genuine. They have realised that their target group in the Western countries has slowly reduced in consuming their products. They, therefore, feel that Africa would be a good place if they made the Africans feel vulnerable when consuming products from the two companies. [...]

[...] Africa still looks up to the West as the role model and perceive them as their ideal states. The west should take it as their responsibility to ensure there is peace and maintain global cohesion but not to lose track by proving their might at the expense of others. To conclude with, the African continent remains a major target market for diverse companies who manufacture different products. Therefore, the African governments should be extra cautious not to allow individuals with negative motives to get any chance. [...]

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