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Cross-Cultural Management

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  1. The company
    1. Introduction into Google
    2. Google's way of working
  2. The country
    1. Introduction into Bulgaria
    2. Hofstede's cultural dimensions
    3. Trompenaar's cultural dimensions

This document analyzes the implantation of Google in Bulgaria's market. We are living in times of globalization and companies have to take more and more in consideration the internationalization of their activity if they want to stay competitive. That's why it is necessary that they find the markets where they will have the best opportunities to increase their growth with minimum costs for production and distribution. Therefore, each market must be analyzed before taking a decision. Economy, political stability, and standard of life are some factors that must be analyzed. Beyond these, there is a factor which maybe, has more importance than the others. It is the culture of the country. In order to be successful in a certain region or country, a company must build an awareness of cultural differences. Cultural differences can be found in communication (spoken, written or silent language), information and task processing, risk-taking behavior, relationship preference, work motivation, religion and social stratification.

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