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The different assets to invest your capital

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  1. Introduction
  2. Advantage for investors
  3. The different capital assets
  4. Personal opinion
  5. Conclusion

Crisis, sovereign debt, market price, speculators, all those words have becoming common words for many people. We heard about economic data every day those last years. The economy and particularly the finance are seeing as the centre of the world now. Every government tries to give a good image of their country to avoid high interest rate. Finance is now one of the most important key in the world and that's why I choose this topic. Along this paper we will try to better understand the different instruments that affect our economy.

We will start by explaining what are stocks markets and why they are seen as important in our world. After, we will see the different instruments by starting with low risk assets and finishing by high risk assets. We will end this paper by giving a brief personal opinion on the topic. When a company is on a market, it has the obligation to give relevant information to everyone at the same time. Usually, no one can have information from the company before this information is made public.

Companies are also obliged to give information each quarter, about its accounting, its governance? Those rules are verified by governmental organisation in all countries where there is a stock exchange market. In Belgium this organisation is the FSMA (financial services and market authority). It has for mission to provide oversight of financial markets and listed companies.

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