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  1. Introduction
  2. Vodafone PLC analysis
  3. Rest of competitors' dividend growth
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Over the years, the global communication landscape has undergone remarkable expansion owing to the presence of accelerating desire to attain global connectivity paced by the technology network. The trend emerges from an increasing desire of timely and accurate information as presently a compelling reality, reshaping and affecting the entire world population no matter the level of connection. Alike other technology and information dependent sectors' posting a remarkable growth, the mobile sector has become a vital sector with an estimated 6.5 billion connection across the globe (Vodafone 20). In this regard, the sector present profitability places participating service providers in the best chance to tap into the accelerating demand to generate seamless revenue by providing communication solutions to the global population yearning for high speed access to information. Outstandingly, since its inception in 1984, Vodafone Group PLC operations have grown beyond the Newbury boundaries to become a leading icon in offering mobile telecommunication services across the globe. Its geographical presence is expanding in tandem with the number of mobile phone users and penetration of smartphones and tablets.

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