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Fortescue Metal Group Ltd

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  1. Introduction
  2. Macro environment factors
  3. Industrial factors
  4. Firm-level factors
  5. Conclusion

The variation in the share price and the sales volume results from diverse factors within the business environment. The internal and external environment of a business effects its business operations. In the external environment, there are micro and macro factors affecting the business operations. These macro factors include the political, legal, social-cultural, economic, and technological forces that affect business operations. Macro environmental factors affect business operations because they are external inevitable factors.

The macro factors are beyond the direct influence and control of the organization. FORTESCUE Metal Group Ltd completed a port expansion project, which cost the company 2.4 billion US dollars. This project has contributed toward the increase in revenues for the business (Harper, 2013).
Technology is a macro environment factor that has affected the sales volume and the share price of FORTESCUE Metal Group Ltd. The company adopts the latest level of technology henceforth assuring its stakeholders of increased sales revenues. Many investment companies and individuals have purchased shares in the company since the company performs well in the S&P/ASX50 share index. This results to the upward trend in the revenues and the sales volume. On August 16, 2013, FORTESCUE Metal Group Ltd joined ventures with Famossa Ltd and spent 1.15 US Dollars in the venture. The joint project is anticipated to expand the company's operations and consequently increase the sales volume in the next period.

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