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Impact of information’s sharing and collaboration on sustainable practices of national bank of Abu Dhabi

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The aim of this paper is to provide detailed information about sustainable practices in information in supply chain and the impacts in the business world. A case study was embarked on of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi one of the world's safest bank and a bank with branches and office in other countries. The study was to examine how the bank handles information sharing among its supply chains.

This study points out the opportunities and challenges associated with information sharing with the supply chain. Emphasis is put on the discussion on the various methods of information sharing among organizations. However, future research is encouraged to build on these findings since the use of a single case cannot be used to make a general conclusion. A deeper look into other banks in different parts of the world.

The study provides practical recommendations developed from the discussion. The issue of sustainable information sharing is an emerging trend and has raised interest especially in organizations that have different branches and offices in many parts of the world and depends on supply chains to run their businesses. The literature review in the study expounds on how to carry out sustainable information sharing to the supply chain.

[...] Over the 18 foreign countries, the bank has 60 branches and offices in these countries. It has Islamic banking service that is operated by Abu Dhabi Islamic Finance Company. The bank has received various recognitions in the world. Global finance magazine named the bank among the worlds' safest bank in the emerging markets. In 2012, the bank was awarded Asian Banker Award 2012' by the Best Payment Infrastructure Project for the banks technological advancement. The Asian Banker granted the bank with ?Best Bank in the UAE' award in 2013. [...]

[...] The link to better sustainable supply chain management is through information sharing among the partners. Technology has advance, and the use of computers have increased in the recent years. Each and every day developers are making new applications that mostly involve both storing information and simultaneous use by several individuals. More than ever, information is readily accessible as internet usage has spread to almost all corners of the world (Hanna & Boyson, 1993). In contrast from days in the past, the information is safe from physical damage; the use of cloud services where information is stored on the internet safe from any physical damage (World Bank, 2002). [...]

[...] Fredendall, L. D., & Hill, E. (2000). Basics of supply chain management : CRC Press. Freeman, R. E., Harrison, J. S., Wicks, A. C., Parmar, B. L., & Colle, S. [...]

[...] Scope of the study The research is based on the National Bank of Abu Dhabi located in Abu Dhabi. Population and target population Sampling procedures The study used non probability purposive sampling method. The bank was selected on the bases of the location and the fact that it fitted the purpose of the study. Data collection instruments Questionnaire was the main research instrument in this study. The objective was to collect as much related information as possible from the selected respondents. [...]

[...] F. (2010). E-collaboration technologies and organizational performance: Current and future trends : IGI Global. Pearce, D., Barbier, E., & Markandya, A. (2013). Sustainable development: Economics and environment in the third world : Routledge. Rogers, P. P., Jalal, K. F., & Boyd, J. [...]

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