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Playboy Enterprises Inc.

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  1. Company overview
    1. A brief History
    2. Balance sheet
    3. Income statement
  2. Analyzing of financial statements
    1. Working capital
    2. Current ratio
    3. Accounts receivable turnover
    4. Inventory turnover
    5. Fixed asset turnover
    6. Debt ratio
    7. Debt to equity ratio
    8. Net profit margin

Owing to the development of the internet, the publishing sector is witnessing a series of threats. Indeed, a new media appeared and became extremely popular since 2000 and the publishing industry had some difficulties facing this mutation. Playboy, that was originally a magazine created 50 years back, still resists to its competitors and to the boom of the internet. Indeed, the company has managed to evaluate itself efficiently over a period of time and became not only a leader in the magazine industry, but also a giant of the erotic industry by launching some clothing lines, tv shows and also a website that has emerged as the perfect medium for the company's values that have been the same since 1953. We will in this assignment focus on the financial statements of the Playboy Entreprises Inc. listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1990, in order to understand the strength and the weaknesses of such a giant for more than half a century.

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