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Cash management services at HDFC Bank

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  1. Objectives.
  2. Commercial banks in India.
    1. Background of commercial banks.
    2. Current trends.
    3. Outlook.
  3. Corporate banking: Structure and trends.
    1. Structures.
    2. Current trends.
    3. outlook.
  4. Evolution of cash management.
  5. Cash management basics.
  6. Cash management products and processes.
    1. Collection products.
    2. Payment products.
    3. Liquidity products.
  7. HDFC bank and its cash management services.
    1. Background.
    2. Business profile.
    3. Cash management services of HDFC bank.
  8. Innovative products in CMS.
  9. Significcance of cash management: The banks perspective.
    1. Costs and benefits for the bank.
    2. Pricing.
  10. Significance of cash management for a corporate.
    1. Cost benefits analysis of a company.
    2. Qualitative benefits of CMS.
  11. Questionnaire.
    1. For banks.
    2. HDFC customer feedback.
  12. The survey.
    1. Customer survey methodology.
    2. Banks survey methodology.
  13. Comparative analysis of cash management service of banks.
    1. Determinance of selection.
    2. Quality of bank services.
    3. Perception gap.
    4. Relative standing of banks.
  14. Suggestions.
  15. Future of CMS.
  16. Conclusion.
  17. References.

There are currently about 101 commercial banks in India, which include public sector banks, regional rural banks & private sector banks both domestic & foreign. Public sector banks account for only 27, while the private sector includes 32 (24 old, 8 new) domestic banks and 42 foreign banks. RBI is the central bank of the country. It is the sole authority for issuing bank notes and the supervisory body for banking operations in India. It is also responsible for granting licenses new bank branches. RBI's relationship with the commercial banks extends from supervisory role to the lender of last resort. RBI has laid down certain restrictions relating to amount advances and interest rates of bank lending operations.

The RBI stipulates capital adequacy norms for banks in India Banks are expected to maintain their capital investment according to the overall level of Non-Performing Assets & overall risk of bank assets. RBI also sets the CRR & SLR rates to control the money supply in the market.

Commercial banks at present have more than 67000 branches throughout India. Taking the figure of India's population as 1 billion and & the number of branches to be 67000s there exists a ratio of 1 branch per 1493 persons. Foreign banks have lesser number of branches than public sector banks. These branches are usually situated in metropolitan cities. Their penetration is more in urban areas unlike public sector banks that have penetrated the rural & semi rural markets extensively. The banking sector is quite liberalized now where any player could enter the market whether Indian or foreign.

[...] banks that offer customers supply chain management solutions, and offer their customers' employees account relationships and facilities and services earlier limited only to a privileged few.? EVOLUTION OF CASH MANAGEMENT In earlier times the mode of exchange that existed was that of barter system. Such a system ensured that one paid for one's purchases immediately i.e. there was a simultaneous realization of due. The improvements in simple sort of barter led to the tendency of selecting one or two items in preference to others so that the preferred items started to get accepted because of their quality of acting as a media of exchange for almost all items. [...]

[...] HDFC BANK CASH MANGEMENT SERVICE Customer Feedback Form Dear Customer, Thank you for using our Cash Management Services. We would like to request your participation in this survey, which is part of our Endeavour to continuously improve our CMS Product Offering. The survey is short and will take less than 15 minutes to complete. We sincerely appreciate the time spent in completing this questionnaire. Company Name Name of respondent Designation of respondent Telephone/Fax number Date of Response RM Name How would you rate the performance of Cash Management Services, HDFC Bank on the following parameters. [...]

[...] ICICI bank started its cash management service about four years back with the aim of getting more business out of their existing clients. They cover a large number of locations in the country and have correspondent bank relations with banks such as Indian overseas bank, Vysya bank, SBI etc. At present their target customers lie in the above 75cr range.Most of their clients have a spate of corporate relations with them. Therefore when they look to provide cash management service to the corporates they try to integrate all other corporate products such as salary accounts, utility payments etc. [...]

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