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Retail Banking with ING Vysya

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is retail banking?
  3. Financial analysis on personal loans
  4. ING Vysya Personal Loans schemes
  5. Case study: The spending habits of Indian consumer
  6. About commercial banking
  7. Retail banking in India
  8. Objectives of the study
  9. Proposed methodology
  10. Profile of ING Vysya bank
  11. A study of the product-personal loan
    1. Pros
    2. Cons
  12. Major players of personal loans
  13. An overview of personal loan processing
  14. Data analysis
  15. A study of consumer attitudes
  16. A model for attribute study
  17. A study of investments in general
  18. Investment avenues in India
  19. Mutual funds in general
    1. Types of mutual funds
  20. Conclusion
  21. Recommendation
  22. Bibliography

Today retail banking has emerged as the dark horse in banking sector. Low interest rates and booming consumerism have unleashed credit off take in retail segment in a big way. The personal banking segment customers have become the center of attraction Credit exposures through personal loans have grown at an explosive rate across the nation. But this growth has not come without the associated pains of growth. Across all markets competitive pressures are beginning to have a telling impact on all aspects of the income statement of a financial institution. For starters, fewer and fewer consumers are responding to the marketing efforts of banks. Response rates are at their lowest ever. Sure enough, low interest rate is a major concern one would like to think twice about before choosing a particular bank. But, is interest rate the only parameter that we take a look before we purchase (borrow) the loan? No, perhaps not. When our decisions are conIViously analyzed by the elements of hidden costs, we are also unconviously inspired to go for a lending institution by its service quality, financial branding and personal relations. Towards this end we were handed this project by ING Vysya Bank to identify the pockets of opportunities in the current product portfolio (PERSONAL LOANS) and optimize them to maximize profitability. The project demanded the identification of prospective customers of personal loans. This was achieved by a thorough understanding of customers, a better capability to predict customer behavior. Another aspect of this study was to find out the penetration of ING Vysya personal loans in the mind and heart of the consumer across different demographic classifications of the twin cities. The project required the study of the areas of growth as well as those of fall of the Personal Loans. For this, Market Research as well as Financial analysis was done to implement the study.

[...] However, with a plethora of IVhemes to choose from, the retail investor faces problems in selecting funds. Factors such as investment strategy and management style are qualitative, but the funds record is an important indicator too. Though past performance alone can not be indicative of future performance, it is the only quantitative way to judge how good a fund is at present. Therefore, there is a need to correctly assess the past performance of different mutual funds. Quite simply then a fund generating more returns than the other is considered better than the other. [...]

[...] Products Accounts & Deposits ING Vysya Bank has a portfolio of banking solutions and a range of offerings for people from all walks of life, with a view to making banking an effortless task. Whether you require a simple savings account or a sound banking partner, ING Vysya Bank has the perfect solutions and products to ensure a wealthy future. Savings Accounts Choose one of ING Vysya Bank's savings account that suit you the most and be at the receiving end of attractive returns and personalized banking services, while accumulating funds over a period of time. [...]

[...] SIPping the ING Vysya Mutual Fund way ING Vysya Mutual fund offers a very convenient way of SIPping. Advantages- No post dated cheques and no specific dates either. Investors are required to tell- o Amount he needs to save Investors are free to choose any amount (minimum Rs 500 and in multiples of Re and any date as per his convenience. The bank will intimate the debit instruction 2-3 business days before the actual debit will happen so that investors can be ensured that his account is funded with the requisite amount. [...]

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