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Study of stock market, equity trading, demat and market analysis of Share khan Pvt .Ltd

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  1. Introduction
  2. Objective of the study
  3. Methodology of the study
  4. Review of literature
    1. Primary market
    2. Secondary market
    3. What is manual trading?
    4. The idea of decartelization
    5. What is online trading?
  5. Company profile
    1. Online trading with Share Khan
    2. Rolling settlement system
    3. Outcry system
    4. Technical research
    5. Equity & derivatives trading
    6. Portfolio management
    7. Demat services
  6. Data analysis and interpretations
  7. Findings and conclusion
  8. Bibliography

Share Khan Pvt.Ltd deals in buying and selling equity shares and debentures on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the Over-The-Counter Exchange of India (OTCEI). Share Khan Pvt.Ltd is provided with a computer and required software from their registered stock exchanges. These centers are called ?Broker Work Stations?. These computers are connected to the server at the stock exchanges through cable. The member or broker sitting in his office can send the quotations, orders, negotiations, deals, in-house deals, auction orders etc., through the computer. The Central trading system (CTS) will accept these orders and send it for match. If there is any mistake in the order, CTS will reject the orders and send respective error message to the member concern. All these operations are in built. The main objective of CTS is to monitor the Stock Exchanges operations. Order placed by the broker will be sent for a match and if the match is found suitable, the transaction will be executed. Otherwise, the order will be deleted automatically after completion of trading time. The carry forward transactions (Good Till cancellation) are forwarded to the next day. Even if the match is not found with in the prescribed period, the order will not cancel.

[...] The Board is inclusive and is designed to benefit from the participation of market intermediaries. In terms of organization structure, the Board formulates larger policy issues and exercises over-all control. The committees constituted by the Board are broad-based. The day-to-day operations of the Exchange are managed by the Managing Director and a management team of professionals. The Exchange has a nation-wide reach with a presence in 417 cities and towns of India. The systems and processes of the Exchange are designed to safeguard market integrity and enhance transparency in operations. [...]

[...] Select your State : Select your City : A Share khan outlet offers the following services: Online BSE and NSE executions (through BOLT Bottom of Form & NEAT terminals) Free access to investment advice from Share khan's Research team Share khan Value Line monthly publication with reviews of Branch - Head Office recommendations, stocks to watch out for etc) A-206, Phoenix House, 2nd Floor, Senapati Bapat Daily research reports and market review Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai (High Noon & Eagle Eye) Pre-market Report (Morning Cuppa) Telephone No: 67482000 Daily trading calls based on Technical Analysis Cool trading products (Daring Derivatives Bottom of Form and Market Strategy) Personalized Advice Live Market Information Depository Services: Demat & Remat Transactions Derivatives Trading (Futures and Options) Commodities Trading IPOs & Mutual Funds Distribution Internet-based Online Trading: SpeedTrade DEMAT Services: Convenient, Secure and Automated Demat services Dematerialization and trading in the demat mode is the safer and faster alternative to the physical existence of securities. [...]

[...] Some of the websites also offer; News and research report BSE and NSE movements Stock analysis IPO and mutual fund centers Step by step procedure in online trading: Following steps explain the step by step approach to on-line trading: Log on to the stock broker's website Register as client/investor Fill the application form and client broker agreement form on the requisite value stamp paper Obtain user ID and pass word Log on to the broker's site using secure user ID and password Market watch page will show real time on-line market data Trade shares directly by entering the symbol or number of the security Brokers server will check your limit in the on-line account and demat account for the number of shares and execute the trade Order is executed instantly (10-30 seconds) and confirmation can be obtained. [...]

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