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Banking techniques

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The system consists of entities with different legal status.

a)Public Bank
This applies to the Al-Maghrib, whose role is to monitor banks to ensure stability of the currency and to ensure the objectives of monetary policy, it is also called the issuing institution or central bank.

b)Semi-Public Bank
? ICH: Credit Immobilier et Hotelier created in the early 60's, which aims to fund housing and tourism infrastructure.

The bank has experienced serious financial problems following the insolvency of major clients.
The recovery of this bank was made possible thanks to the contribution of the treasure on the one hand and the entrance of the CDG (depository and management) in the capital of this bank, on the other hand, after a diversification of trades during the 90 years, the bank chose to reposition themselves on these core businesses: the hotel, real estate

? Credit People of Morocco created in the early 60's as a cooperative with variable capital, legal structure is made up of two subsets.

? BCP (Banque Centrale Populaire): It contains the general direction of the group, managed the agency networks Casablanca and decides on all strategic decisions of the group including validation of large loans initiated by the OPI (People's Bank Regional). It was introduced in 2006 by privatizing a portion of state involvement that has become a minority.

? The BPR (People's Bank Regional): These are full banks that manage a regional network. Its strength is the proximity. This is the first bank in Morocco in terms number of agencies, effective.

- The Credit Agricole Morocco: was created after independence in order to support sensitive sectors for the economy and who suffered from lack of interest i.e. banks, where traditional agriculture, fisheries and forests. The bank has experienced severe financial difficulties which were raised by the contribution of the treasure.

Credit Agricole is preparing for privatization through the introduction on the stock exchange.
- The CDG (Caisse de depot et Management): The bank specializes in the placement of pension funds and pension, it is very active in managing risk and capital required.
It has created the largest investment bank in Morocco, the CDG Capital.

c) Private Banking
These are private institutions under Moroccan law with a universal activity ie d. dealing with all banking operations.
- The BMCE Bank: Benjelloun Group which also operates in insurance (Wataniya), a bank is a perfect command of large trades of foreign trade.
- Attijari Wafa: Groupe ONA, the first Moroccan private group, it follows from the absorption of Wafa Bank Group.

- BMCI: BNP Paris Bas-, medium-sized bank that goes into force.
- The Societe Generale is very powerful.
- Credit of Morocco: A subsidiary of Credit Agricole after absorption of CL.
- The Citibank (Citigroup) it belongs to Saudi Prince Talal.

Banking relationship begins with the opening of an account in the books of the bank; it is materialized by the signing by the client of a request for specifying the conditions of the account. The account retranslated by a number of 24 positions specifies the city code, bank code, branch code, the root account and the key information.

Tags: Public Bank, monetary policy, Credit People of Morocco, Banking relationship

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