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An investigation in to the problems with corporate pension funds

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  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Pension Funds?A Historical Overview
  4. Pension Funds?Types
    1. Unfunded and Funded Pension Plans
    2. Unfunded Pension Funds
    3. Funded Pension Plans
  5. Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans
  6. Defined Benefit Pensions
  7. Defined Contribution Plans
  8. Current Trends in Pension Funds
  9. Pension Funds and Management
  10. The End of The Pension Holiday
  11. Pension Fund Investments
  12. SRI?Socially Responsible Investors
  13. Pension Funds and Bankruptcy
  14. The Case of Enron
  15. Summary and Analysis
  16. Conclusion

Beginning with the New Deal, efforts to secure the social and economic prosperity of employees after retirement have been developed. This process has lead to the evolution of the current system of corporate pension funds. Although millions of American workers invest in these funds each year, few have a clear understanding of how these funds work and the vulnerabilities that these funds face. In an effort to provide a more comprehensive understanding of corporate pension funds, this investigation provides: a history of pension funds in America, an overview of the types and structures of pension funds, a review of current trends in pension funds and a consideration of pension funds in the wake of corporate bankruptcy. This investigation concludes that there are both intrinsic and extrinsic problems with corporate pension funds. However, with no clear alternatives, the present system represents the best alternative for ensuring a prosperous retirement.

[...] To this end, this investigation provides a broad overview of the history of pension funds, the most common type of pension funds, current trends in pension funds and the problems associated with pension funds. Through a careful consideration of what has been written on this subject, it will be possible to provide a comprehensive overview of pension funds and how modern changes in business and bankruptcy have affected their viability. Pension Funds?A Historical Overview In order to begin this investigation, it is first helpful to consider a broad history of the corporate pension fund and its origins. [...]

[...] In order to understand this situation one only needs to consider the current problems that had developed with respect to Social Security. The Social Security system operates on the pay-as-you-go system. While this system has worked well over the twentieth century, as the largest segment of the population?i.e. the baby boomers?begin to retire, there is concern that benefits for these retirees cannot be supported. This is because the current generation of workers is notably smaller than the current population of retirees. [...]

[...] Summary and Analysis When all of the information about pension funds presented in this investigation is synthesized, it becomes evident that while most employees rely on these investments as a principle means to fund there retirement, there are a host of intrinsic and extrinsic problems associated with these funds. For instance, although two principle structures for pension funds have been developed?defined contribution and defined benefit?neither structure provides a guaranteed method for employees to ensure a viable return on their investment. [...]

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