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Audit of the internal and external communications of the town of Lyon

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  1. Presentation of the Credit Agricole
    1. History
    2. Economic and competitive environment
  2. Analysis of credit management
    1. The analysis of credit risks
    2. The decisions to grant credit
  3. Summary and Recommendations

The validation of the academic unit of communication is based on an audit of internal communication and an audit of the external communication of the host organization. Legibility and comprehension are essential for the evaluation of work done. This document is organized into two parts: the first part corresponds to the audit of internal communication. It seemed necessary at first to be aware of the communication strategy implemented by the internal communications department to better realize later, the consistency of the communication circuit and to put in different media by the service and to meet the best communication strategy.

Following this analysis, the author of this document highlighted the problems and especially their causes and consequences on the functioning of internal communication. To conclude this first part, the recommendations in the short, medium and long terms will be made to optimize internal communication. The second part focuses on the audit supports put in place by the external communication service. The flow diagram is substantially similar to that of the first part. In the first part, the document will present the communication strategy and the media that will assess the consistency between strategy and media. It will then present the pattern of external communication and answer the relevant questions. To conclude, it will analyze the problems encountered in relation to external communication and will also recommend solutions to overcome these shortcomings.

To present the internal and external communication, it seemed necessary to know the communication strategy for a company or a local authority that can not communicate without first a set of essential points such as the intentions and aims of communication, adequate means to communicate etc. Note that the external communication strategy is much expanded as in-house in terms of content.

The internal communication strategy of local authorities can not be sustainable. Indeed, the change of power in municipal elections,indirectly leads to changes in content and objectives of internal communication. This strategy can not be permanent and requires an adaptation of information content and communication from the values of the new mayor.

However, the internal communication is an equally important that the one conducted externally because it creates a dynamic image-building of the town hall. Indeed, one employee informed and listened to by the company will have a sense of ownership with respect to its structure and will be quite capable of responding to criticism, to explain the difficulties of the undertaking and to extol its merits and this created a cohesiveness among the employees.

That's why the mayor of Lyon has created a service independent of the internal communication of external communication, to meet the information needs of employees and create in them a sense of belonging. In addition to these two notions, the service communicates with employees to keep them informed about the policies of the current mayor and training offered to them internally.The information disclosed to the general staff is primarily promotional, but also through training opportunities and job offers.

The public service organizations operate by the system of bureaucratic management. This system is characterized by decision making and highly centralized control that work very pyramidal. In the case of the internal communication of the city of Lyon, the decisions are made and given by the head of internal communications and must refer to the Chief Human Resources.

Tags: Communication audit- external and internal communication; city of Lyon; causes and consequences; functioning of internal communication

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