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Banking: the means of payment (2010-2011)

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The money (cash):
The banker receives cash payments either directly or through cash machines. This necessarily requires an order of cash late in the day to compare with the cash book balance of the "cash ?account. It also requires frequent monitoring. If error box, the back office will act as accountant for the error record crate. Various cash errors may be encountered in these cases:
-In an exchange of money (currency ? Note)
-In case of a payment
-In case of withdrawal
-When accounting document badly.

For some species deposited in the machines, either species management is contracted out or it is done by employees of the bank. Every day, the tickets are sent to the accounting back-office which then makes the connection with the counting done by the agency or contractor. The back office usually solves all the problems.

Three definitions:
-The shooter: the issuer of the cheque. It is the account holder
-The shot: a bank
-The beneficiary: which may be the shooter or third (order of the cheque)

Cheque image exchange: check clearing.
Legal obligations on the check:
The following seven are mandatory:
-The word check,
- paid against this cheque,
- the amount payable,
- indication of the content from the account,
- the place of payment of the cheque,
- date and place of creation of the cheque,
- signature of the drawer.

We must recover the amount in words and figures without it being an obligation. If the sum is shown in figures and in words, the difference will be the amount in words to be taken. If the sum is shown twice in number or letter twice, the cheque is in case of difference for the smaller of these two sums. Other information which is not mandatory and recommended: the name and address of the shooter, and telephone number of the branch where the cheque is payable, the account number to debit.

A blank check is a bearer cheque and it is then the benefit. The check must be presented for payment within eight days after the date of creation. Since it is valid for one year, we say that the expiry date is one year and eight days because there are the days of presentment for payment. If a cheque is post dated, there is a rule to issue a check for the advance and provision must be available, and generally sufficient provision should be applied to the payment of the check and not to any other use.

The crossing on cheques: two parallel slashes. The consequence of crossing is that the drawee and he cannot pay the check to the credit institution. The crossed check to be cashed should be submitted on behalf of the recipient.Crossed cheque, not cash: the check cannot be transmitted back to a third party. This practice was often muddy with respect to the tax.

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